Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

We are on the threshold of a sea change in marketing with self-optimizing and autonomous marketing systems that would have been considered science fiction only a few years ago. Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming almost every industry, and marketing is no exception. AI and machine learning is at the heart of hyper-personalized marketing, rapid identification … Continue reading Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

Marketing automation will change the way you work

A marketing automation system will change the way you market. But are you prepared for systematic marketing and the ongoing management and maintenance of the system and data? I love marketing automation tools. Having been a marketer for more than 20 years I am blown away by the capabilities and power of these systems. And, … Continue reading Marketing automation will change the way you work

An introduction to marketing automation

Marketing automation opens up incredible capabilities for lead capture, nurture and conversion—at scale. Simply put, an integrated marketing automation system is the foundation for any successful, data-driven marketing program. It gives you tools to manage all of your marketing initiatives and program elements, create synergies between those elements, automate responses to lead activity, and give the … Continue reading An introduction to marketing automation